Monday, 9 April 2012

Late Easter post

I was too late home last night to do my usual post - we had family high tea and an Easter egg hunt at my parents, plus I was on taxi duty to take our guest home, so I'm posting tonight, having had a lazyish day, and the prospect of back to work in the morning.

I'm starting off with the Cat because I haven't done much on it recently.  I didn't get any more done on Saturday night because the light wasn't good enough in the house that I was babysitting in.  I did however get some done yesterday morning in between the four loads of laundry that I did before having lunch and going to pick up our guest.  It's coming on slowly and I'm quite enjoying it, but with it being my Sunday morning piece, I just don't get an uninterrupted run at it - I'm always up and down to the washing machine. 

Although I posted a pic of Carnation on my WIPocalypse post on Friday, I'm showing you another because not only did I finish the second block, I managed to complete a third block as well.  So now I only have three blocks to go before I finish Page 1 and claim my new book and the right to buy stash. 

The purchase of stash will be assisted by the money I earned babysitting on Saturday night - the kids were good as gold and I read my new book which I claimed for finishing the Fuschias.  Mum picked out "The Horn of Merlyns" by Violet Needham, published by Girls Gone By. For my Easter present to myself, Mum picked out "The Winter of Enchantment" by Victoria Walker, published by Fidra Books.  I already have a number of books by Violet Needham and this one was very enjoyable.  Victoria Walker is a new author to me, and I also enjoyed this book very much.

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