Monday, 23 April 2012

IHSW Report - April 2012

Sometimes things just don't go according to plan.  When I signed up for this month's IHSW, I knew that I was having my eldest niece for a sleepover on Friday night, but I thought that would still leave me Saturday afternoon and Sunday for stitching.  In theory, that is.

In practice, things went slightly differently.  The sleepover went very well, apart from having to rescue my niece when she managed to turn her blow-up bed on top of herself.  On Saturday morning I took her to her swimming lesson and eventually took her home just before 12 noon.  What I hadn't planned for was the sheer exhaustion of having someone else in my home.  I love my nieces dearly and enjoy spending time with them, but when you have lived alone for 12 years, having someone else occupying your space, especially when they aren't yet tall enough to reach the taps on the bathroom sink, sure takes it out of you.  I spent Saturday afternoon recuperating and then had an early night.

Sunday morning I worked on the Cat between loads of laundry.  As usual the photo is not very good, but I'm working towards the right hand side.  I meant to do more after I'd been shopping, but when I went round to my parents to pick my Dad up, life took a different turn.

Mum hasn't been well again recently - very tired and under the weather.  She wrenched some back muscles the other week and has to take it easy.  Now, to top things off, she has shingles!  I just came home from the shopping trip and comfort ate due to the stress of again having to face up to the fact that my parents are getting older and more infirm, that they aren't invincible and that one day I am going to lose them.

Carnation is sort of on hold.  I need to find some way to readjust my floor frame so that I can actually stitch the top of Page 2 as in its current position there are bits in the way.  If I get really stuck, I may have to stitch the bottom part first while I work out how best to deal with the top section.

No decisions made on starts or stash yet - my brain isn't working properly at the moment.


  1. It really sucks when life gets in the way of stitching eh? I hear yah about the older thing my father in law lives with us and some days are good for him others bad and I do see changes in him as he ages. reality is not a very nice thing to cope with sometimes. HUGS hope this week is good for you

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your mom isn't feeling well. I share your thoughts too... my parents are half a world away and they're not getting younger. Sucks to get old.... and as we age, that becomes more and more evident and we're face with the thought of one day losing our parents....

    Cat looks wonderful, and I hope this weekend coming weekend is more restful for you.

  3. You're a good egg to be taking care of your family in so many ways; your cat looks good - I hope it takes your mind off things a little bit.

  4. Great start on your cat. That eye is really going to watch you.

  5. Hello

    Just found your blog through the IHSW list.

    Your cat is looking great.
    So sorry to hear about your mum, hope she feels better soon.