Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose - Page 1 Happy Dance

I'm celebrating!  Just a short post to show you that Page 1 is finished!

 For me, Page 1 includes all the part squares on the adjoining pages, which will give me a head start on Page 2 seeing as the left hand edge is already filled in.

Now that I have finished both the Fuschias and Page 1 of Carnation, I am entitled to a new start and to buying new stash.  These are both serious propositions.  At heart I am not a "smalls" type of stitcher - I do stitch Christmas ornaments for my nieces, but I gave up on cards quite early on.  Both the list of possible starts and the list of possible stash are all biggish projects, but I currently have one BAP (Carnation) and am working on a medium sized design with the Cat (21.4cm x 18.6cm).

The Cat is on a deadline and I can and will make it a travelling piece if it becomes necessary.  But I fancy buying a Chatelaine or a Randal Spangler HAED, both of which are large, time consuming projects.  I know that I don't have to turn the new stash into the new start, but I also know that buying this type of new stash means finding an extensive block of time for them at some point in the future.

So what to do with regards to start and stash?  I would welcome your thoughts on the subject.

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  1. I'm like you in that most of the stuff I do are BAPs so contemplating a new start means trying to find the time to do it - not always easy! But sometimes the lure of some new stash just takes over.

    If you were to go for a chatelaine though you could take your time in buying all the necessary materials for it (believe me it took me weeks just deciding on the fabric for mine!) which would give you more actual stitching time for your current pieces.

    Hope this makes sense.