Friday, 6 April 2012

2012 WIPocalypse - April Full Moon

Well, doesn't time fly?  Where has the year gone?  How can it be April already?

However it is April and a Full Moon, so it must be WIPocalypse reporting time again.

I was determined to have the Fuschias finished for this report, so I put in three hours work this morning so that I could take this picture.  They still need to be washed and pressed, but they are finished and I didn't run out of thread, and nor did I have a problem with the wretched french knots!  I don't hate this piece, but I didn't enjoy doing it - the aida was very stiff and for some reason it was difficult to find the holes with the needle. 

Sounds daft, I know, but I'm glad that it is done and out of the way.  I'll claim my new book from Mum tomorrow (the other two that I ordered turned up the other day), but will leave choosing a new start for a couple of weeks as I have non-stitching things that I need to do first.

No pictures of the Cat today - however, I'm taking it babysitting tomorrow night so with that and my regular Sunday morning stint, I hope to have something to show in my next post.

Carnation has been a bit slower this week.  I said in my last post that I was only aiming to get two blocks done this week due to the Easter holiday and so on.  Well, I've nearly finished the second block, and hope to get it completed tomorrow. 

However I know that there is a mistake in this second block because the stitch count is off.  I can't see the mistake, I don't know exactly where it is and the thread colours are all so similar that I'm just going to fudge it, rather than frog all the work that I've done since, most of which I know is right, cos I've counted from the other side of the block. 

In the grand scheme of things, i.e. a piece of work that will be 18.4" wide and 21.9" long on 16 count aida, an invisible mistake somewhere in the top left hand corner is not going to make a big difference. 

Right, it's nearly 10pm UK time, so I'm going to check in with Measi and then call it a day.   I'll save looking at other people's WIPocalypse reports for another day.


  1. Great progress, and i love your Fuschias,

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. gorgeous stitching :D great finish :D