Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hurray for Bank Holidays!

Well, tomorrow is August Bank Holiday Monday, which means the kids go back to school next week and the big 4-0 is only a month away now!

Tomorrow I'm planning an excursion to Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell, just for a look see.  I may or may not come home with stash - it all depends on what they've got.

OK, update time.  I took my Snowman to Slimming World with me this week and made some good progress.  You can now see what he is without needing the picture from the kit :-)  Really, I should have finished him by now, but he's not really my sort of thing - the plan is to make him into a card to sell for Marie Curie.

 Having been away last week and not done anything on the Beetle, I've had a good go at it today.  The middle of the front bumper is done and I've started on the other front tyre.  However I have noticed that there are differences between the chart and the picture on the front of the kit so I'm hoping that it still comes out looking OK.  Also I've checked carefully and I'm not going to go over the edge of the gridded bit of the fabric which is a relief. 

Carnation is coming on - despite the short week due to having been away, I have completed three blocks at the bottom left and done a chunk of a fourth.  I've also had to change the angle of the photo in order to get it all in - quite how I'm going to manage when I've got much more done, I'm not sure.

If you look under the pheasant at the top, you'll see that I've added a new page for my 2011 finishes.  There are only three so far because I need to wash and bead my Poinsettia before it counts as a finish, and then it will have to be finish finished.  

Some sick and twisted person texted the Metro this week to say that it is only 19 weeks to Christmas - have they got nothing better to do - I've got assorted birthdays and Halloween to deal with before then!  A short working week this week between Bank Holiday Monday and having a day off on Friday.  I'm out every night this week doing a variety of things from dinner with friends to babysitting, so may not have a lot to show in my next update.

Anyway, time's getting on and if I want to make an early start, I need to think about getting to bed.

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