Monday, 1 August 2011

Tell me why I don't like Mondays!

I don't like Mondays - they come round too fast, and I am definitely not keen on Mondays when the boss is off - they herald the beginning of a week of boredom and scratting around for something to do to justify my existence.  This morning I finished his filing, rearranged his cabinets and then spent the rest of the day bitting and bobbing for other people, and I've got another four days of this!

Anyway, update time.  Only two photos this time cos my Sunday was taken up doing the Race for Life so my Beetle piece didn't get a look in.

Poinsettia is coming on nicely (photo as of last night).  I've found that if I get it out of my bag at the same time as I sit down with my lunch and have it sat on the desk next to me, then I do work on it, rather than reading cross stitch blogs all lunchtime.  That is the penultimate petal starting to stick up there, so the last two petals to go and then some fill-in in the middle and add some gold seed beads.  Then I have to work out how to finish finish it into a Christmas ornament that is worth giving as a present, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

And here is Carnation also as of last night.  This photo represents 33 complete squares and assorted work round the edges.  So only another 4 squares to complete and I will be halfway through page 1 - not the next update, but possibly the one after that.

As I said above, I did the Race for Life yesterday.  Mum and I do it together every year and Dad comes along and helps out as a marshall.  It was not a good day for it this year - too hot really for a course with no shade, but at least it is flat all the way round.  The warm-up was quite good though - two hunky guys doing a nice sensible slow warm-up, rather than some Lycra clad gym bunny doing a pounding aerobics workout which is what we normally get.  Mum and I got round the 5km course in about 50 minutes - we do it at a briskish walk due to Mum's health issues - so we were quite pleased with ourselves.  Now we just need to get our sponsorship money in and off to Cancer Research UK.  I've already booked us in for next year's Race for Life series, but will have to wait until January before I can book onto a specific event.

Right, I can see from my sidebar that some of my favourite blogs have updated recently so I'm off for a quick read before making tomorrow's lunch.

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