Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy Dance!

Woo-hoo!  I pushed the boat out yesterday and finished block 37!  I even moved onto block 38.  I am officially halfway through the first page of "Carnation Lily Lily Rose"! 

Its taken me 10 weeks and 3 days to get to this point (if I include the most of one week when Dad was fixing my floor stand) which, when I do the maths, means that it is going to take me over 5 years to finish this project - I did say when I started this blog that it was a BAP.  However I am determined that it is not going to take me that long.  It has definitely been quite a steep learning curve so far - using mainly blended threads, using a floor stand (which, having been bought in a charity shop, came without instructions), the blocks which are mainly confetti stitching and just working on such a big project.

Here's how its looking now.  The next step will be continuing to work down the current column on the right hand side to the bottom of the existing stitching, and then starting over on the left and working to the right filling in the part-started row.  I'll get there eventually.

I treated myself to an elephant's foot for completing block 37 - to people who aren't from round here, that's a large round choux pastry bun filled with cream and with chocolate on top.

Moving on, progress has been made on Poinsettia.  When I wrote my last piece, I forgot that there was another leaf to do, so I've completed the leaf and one petal, and started a second petal.  So that leaves finishing that petal, doing one more, some fill-in in the middle and beading.  Possibly a finish not for the next update but the one after that?

Beetle missed out last week due to Mum and I doing the Race for Life.  This week I have finished the headlight and started working across the front of the car.  I must say that I'm not really enjoying this one.  The many, many fractionals are a complete pain on aida - this is definitely one of those projects that you do because someone you care about will love it.

So that's the good (Carnation and Poinsettia), the bad (Beetle) and now for the ugly!  I am so not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  Although the boss is going to be back, the Powers That Be have changed our working practices as of tomorrow without prior consultation or warning.  We got an email on Friday afternoon just saying that this is what was going to happen.  This went down like a lead brick as you can imagine.  Communication with the lower echelons has always been poor at my place but this takes the biscuit.  One of the people in another department said that exactly the same process had happened at her last place of work and that it had resulted in redundancies.  It's supposed to make us more efficient - how can you judge efficiency in the middle of the summer holidays when half the office is on leave?  Suffice to say I haven't slept well since Friday.

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