Sunday, 14 August 2011

Why are weekends so short?

Its Sunday evening, the day is drawing in and Monday looms ever closer.  The boss goes on leave again at the end of the week, this time for a fortnight.  How I am supposed to account for my time for two weeks when my main work provider is away, your guess is as good as mine.  And the second of the two weeks that he is off, the two other top people in the department are off too, so my colleague will have nothing to do either!

Anyway, enough whinging!  Cross stitch is far more important.

My Poinsettia is now finished bar the washing, pressing and beading.  I have the beads but also have a busy week ahead, so the beads won't go on this week.  I'm really quite pleased with it.  When I first saw the colours with those bright pinks, I was a bit concerned but it has come out rather nicely, I think.

 This is the first reappearance of my Fuchsia piece.  It was Patchwork Group on Thursday night so I took it along to work on and have made some progress - it does look more like fuchsias now.  I am in two minds - either I could take this piece into work to do at lunchtimes or I could take some little Christmassy kits by Mouseloft to do for Marie Curie.  I will sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

More progress across the front bonnet of the Beetle.  Its very hard to see the white and pale grey stitches against the white background but we are moving on.  I've got about six and a half months left before my deadline - make that five and a half for framing.  I also need to start thinking about a baby piece for my cousin who, fingers most definitely crossed, will be having a baby in January.  I'm thinking Noah's Ark, but that means that I seriously need to crack on with the Beetle now if I'm going to take time out for that.

 And finally Carnation.  Having got past the halfway stage on page 1 last week, I am now well into block 41.  As you can see, that brings me one block short of completing the right hand column and being able to move on to the bottom left.  Finishing Poinsettia means that I now have all the threads for Carnation safely tucked into their correct ziptop wallets - there were a few doing double duty on Poinsettia.  

 What else?  Well, I went to the Archives yesterday and started working through the railway records that have just been put on Ancestry.  Its fascinating to see how people moved around, what they earned, how old they were when they started work etc.  I have three sisters in my family tree who all married railwaymen.  The eldest sister married a railwayman, had her younger sisters to visit and of course they met hubby's workmates and fell in love and married into the railways as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to give blood.  I believe that if you can, you should.  Its a way of paying forward for all the good things in my life - my family, my friends, having a roof over my head and a job which enables me to pay for that roof.  I also carry a donor card - if anything happens to me, then I want the chance to save someone else's life.

Time's getting on.  I'm going to finish here and go make lunch for tomorrow.  Hopefully the world will be a better place in the morning.

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