Monday, 26 January 2015

Waving January goodbye

I am so looking forward to seeing the back of January.  It has been cold and dark and miserable -  a month with few, if any, positive points in itself.  February will bring half-term, Valentine's Day and a new baby into the family - little bubbles of happiness as the sun comes back to us.

Last week was a busy week in the outside world so a tad slow on the creative front, but I do have some nice progress to show you.

Baby Express now includes an elephant in a blue and green bonnet.  The plan for the coming week is to finish the roof of the carriage - there is a little cupola on top - and then to back stitch as much as is possible, before moving on to the next section.

On Second Socks, I have reached the bottom of the leg, so the plan for this week is to knit the heel flap and turn the heel.  If I can get started on the foot, that will be a plus.

The Cabled Handwarmers have made least progress this week.  I still have a couple more cable repeats to do before I can knit the last section of ribbing.  I am still waiting to hear from the wool shop about the extra yarn I need, but I can't currently locate an email address and the mobile number on the website goes through to voicemail.

In other news, I was rather disappointed this week because I didn't lose any weight.  I didn't put any on either, but having turned down all sorts of goodies and tried to be really good, it was somewhat annoying to find that I had maintained - so still 11 stone 10lb.

Next time I post, it will be a new month so here's all the best to you and yours for the last few days of January, and may the frog stay well clear of your needles.


  1. Januarys are strange months. Mine was pretty good for a change, but usually they are just cold and dark, but without the nice Christassy mood December brings. I'm hoping for warmer weather in February for both of us!

    In crafy terms, you're making great progress on everything - I kind of wish someone close to me had a baby because I love the Birth express and would like to stitch it myself someday :D

  2. All the crafting projects are looking great. Don't give up on the weight loss, you never know your hard work may show on the scales next week :)