Monday, 12 January 2015

The lost weekend

Thanks to a number of my amiable colleagues who do not believe in taking sick leave even when it is patently obvious to all around them that they are plague carriers who should be cast into the outer darkness, I lost a whole weekend of stitching and knitting and consequently do not have as much to show you as I had hoped!

I did however manage to make a little progress before I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy.

This is a new cross stitch start - a kit from Dimensions called "Baby Express".  Completing this for my cousin's baby due next month is my first goal for 2015.  I am stitching it on the rather stiff 14 count aida from the kit with the threads supplied.

I had hoped to be further on with this sock by now.  My intention was to have finished this and cast on the second sock before Knit Group this coming Saturday afternoon.  It may still be possible - it just depends on how the rest of the week goes.

Neither have I made as much progress with my cabled hand-warmer as I had intended.  Each repeat of the cable pattern currently takes me about half an hour, so losing a whole weekend was not helpful.

On a brighter note, I went to Slimming World for the first time since before Christmas and found that I had lost 1lb, so am back down to 11 stone 8lb.

I will finish here as I still feel a bit under the weather and will hope to be able to post at my usual time on Sunday.

All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay well away from your needles.


  1. I don't care for the plague bearers either - I'm sorry they got you, but I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. Oh no - hope you'll be up and well again soon!

    I think that Baby Express is the same one a friend of mine stitched last year...of course I could go and look it up, but it's much more fun to watch yours growing and try to recognize it :D