Sunday, 23 February 2014

IHSW - February 2014 Report

I must say that I do like IHSW and WIPocalypse weeks - they save me from having to think up a catchy title for my blog posts.  I will also say that I love, love, love my cordless mouse - I'm no longer putting off going on the computer just because I can't bear the thought of fighting with the mouse for ages in order to get anything done.

Anyway, how are you all?  The weather is still acting abnormally, but I am feeling better than I was.  I went out for a meal with friends on Wednesday - we talked mostly about my friend's wedding, the music to be played at the reception, her fiance's house that she is going to be moving into, but other things as well.  The food was tasty, the company was great and we had a very good night out.  I'm out again this week with other friends - we won't be talking weddings, but it should be a good night out.

Moving on to the stitching side of things, it didn't quite go according to plan this week, but never mind.

First up, Wedding.  The big motif is now complete, and I just need to add the initials and the date.  This piece will take priority this coming week in the hope of getting it done by the end of the month.

Next up, April.  The left hand angel is completely finished and work has started on the right hand angel.  I'm feeling good about this piece - I just need to be clear in my head about the placing and type of lettering.

Especially for Leonore at Needle, Pen & Sword, here is a close up of the completed left hand angel, back stitch and all.

 In third place, we have Corgi.  That is his nose that you can see there.  This is all whole stitches and no blended threads.  The current plan is to work up to the top left and then across to the right, completing the top half before moving on to the lower section.

 No. 4 is Carnation.  Two blocks this week so row 12 is now halfway complete.  Gridding this piece with water soluble marker pen took me about two hours when I first started it.  When it is finally finished, I will pop it in a pillow case and put it through the wash on a low temperature, which will deal with any lingering blue marks.

Last but not least, Train of Dreams.  Just one block this week, but any progress is good.  Once I get the deadline pieces out of the way, I'm not going to start anything new.  I am just going to concentrate on this and on Carnation in order to get the current pages finished.

 Large World Traveler Book Shelf - Click Image to Close  

However Aimee Stewart does have a new HAED design out - this is World Traveller Bookshelf in the large version.  But I have to be sensible - I have too much on my plate at the moment.

So moving on, I put on 1.5lb this week, so back to 11 stone, 7.5lb.  I'm not too bothered - it went on easily, it'll come off again.  

I'm not setting myself any stitching goals for the coming week, apart from working on Wedding.  I have littlest niece coming for her first sleepover next weekend - arriving Saturday morning, going home Sunday.  This means some forward planning and unfortunately some housework - although I did hoover the visible bits this week :-)  I'm thinking lunch out and The Lego Movie in the first instance.  Wish me luck.

Big Zen hugs to you all, and may the frog stay away from your stitching.


  1. Wow! You made it through quite a bit of work this weekend! Congrats!

  2. Wonderful set of WIPs! And great progress!

  3. Awesome progress you've made again, thanks for the 'special' close up on April, it's gorgeous!

    Also this booksheld-pattern is HUGE...I don't think I'll dare tackling anything even remotly that size anytime soon, lol...