Sunday, 2 February 2014

2014 Goals - January Progress Report

So here we are at the beginning of February, so I think that a quick run-through the progress so far on my 2014 goals is an appropriate theme for this post.

1. Start and complete wedding present for my friend:

Certainly I can tick off the started part of this goal.  Wedding is coming on nicely - I need to finish this bird and the branch it is standing on, stitch the mirror image on the other side, and then the initials and date underneath.  Although February is a short month, if I put my mind to it, the stitching could possibly be done by the end of the month.  Then I need to think about framing it.

2. Complete 'April' by August:

The angel is slowly appearing out of the fabric.  I have done my calculations and there is about 8.5 hours work there.  I'm not sure whether that amounts to slow stitching or a normal speed.  I need to finish the rest of the angel's body, the flower in the flower pot, her head and her wings.  Then do it all again on the other side and add the word 'April' between them.  I would like to get this angel finished and the other one started by the end of the month.

3. Start and complete 'Corgi' by September:

Still nothing to show on this one.  I have the chart, but am trying to decide on the font for the lettering of 'November' which will run down one side.  Once the lettering is sorted, I can measure and cut the fabric, and get started.  I hope to have something to show on this before next month.

4. Complete Guardian Angels by Christmas at the latest:

If you think that this photo looks familiar, that is because it is.  There has been no progress on this piece in the last couple of weeks.  However I am hoping that the gradual return of the sun will help me to get a grip on myself and move forward on this.

5. Complete at least one page on 'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose':

I managed to complete two blocks on Carnation this week, which means that there is one block left to complete the first row of page 5.  Also there has been so much overlap into the next row down that I should be able to get through that one reasonably quickly.  I would like to be stitching on row 3 by the end of the month.

6. Complete current pages of 'Train of Dreams':

As with Carnation, I managed two blocks on Train this week which is a definite improvement.  Once this column is completed, I will feel that I am over the halfway line (even though in reality I am already there, thanks to the section at the top right).  However, having four columns complete out of the eight will be a boost.  By the end of February, I want to be well into column 5.

7. Christmas ornaments for my nieces:

Not even thinking about thinking about this goal yet.  Far too early!

In other news, I only put on 0.5lb during my two weeks without a weigh-in.  When you consider that during those two weeks, I had lunch out in a Thai restaurant, a Greek tapas leaving do followed by cocktails, leaving cakes, and a large chips, fishcake and beans (caused by the depressingly horrible weather) in addition to my normal diet, then I feel that 0.5lb is perfectly acceptable.

I have made a small in-road into the tidying up, but there is plenty more to be done before littlest niece comes for her sleepover. 

Before I call it a night, I just want to thank my followers and anyone else who comments on this blog.  It makes a big difference to know that other people who know what is what (and don't go on about 'Oh, I don't know how you have the patience'!) like my work.  The other thing that I need to do this month is leave more comments on other people's blogs.

Big Zen hugs to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching!


  1. You made some great progress on your stitching this week! 0.5 lbs for two weeks, is really good! You should be able to get that back off again in no time! I had my first weigh in after starting slimming world last Thursday and I had lost 6.5lbs! I was amazed! I know it won't be that much every week but it was a good head start!

  2. You've made such a great progress overall, you should be happy for it :) and definitely just 0.5lb is nothing and I bet next week it has come off with another pound :)

  3. Some nice progress you got there ^_^ I just did some eh...'research' over at HAED and saw how big this train of dreams is actually to become...I'm VERY impressed now with what you have gotten yourself into xD

  4. Well done on the progress you've made so far. With large projects I do sometimes feel like I've not done anything then I post pictures and I can see a difference!

    The weight gain is fine, you managed really well during those events so you should be proud of yourself.