Sunday, 2 March 2014

2014 Goals - February Progress Report

I know that it is really March now, but I think that continuing to do an end of month progress report will help me maintain my mojo.  I did say in last week's post that I wasn't expecting to achieve much stitching this week due to evenings out and a sleepover, but I do have some progress to show you.

1. Start and complete wedding present for friend

This was my focus piece for the last week and, as you can see, this is an almost completed goal in that the stitching is complete.  I want to find a suitable frame, wash the stitching and mount it in that order - that way there will be less chance of it getting dirty or crumpled in the meantime.  Hopefully I can get this piece finish finished and wrapped by the end of March.

2. Complete "April" by August

I hit target for February's goal on this piece.  Angel 1 is complete, including the back stitching, and I have made good progress on Angel 2.  I would like to have Angel 2 finished by the end of March and a decision made about the lettering of the word "April" which is going to go between the angels.

3. Start and complete "Corgi" by September

I think that I can definitely call this started now.  Corgi has one eye, his nose and his mouth.  I'm quite enjoying this.  The chart is nice and clear, the shading is subtle, and I think that the finished piece is going to look very good.  If I could finish the current page by the end of the month, that would be very satisfactory, but I think that half a page is more likely.

The remaining goals have not made much progress this month.

4. Complete "Guardian Angels" by Christmas at the latest

Unfortunately this is the same photo that you saw in my January progress report.  I really have to be in the right mood to work on this piece, I have to have an adequate block of time and the light has to be good.  Mood, time and light have all been lacking this month.  For next month, I just want to be able to prove that I have actually stitched on this piece.

5. Complete at least one page on "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose"

This is the same photo as last week - focusing on completing "Wedding" meant that this piece went to the wall.  I completed 5 blocks during February, which is not very impressive.  There are 60 blocks left on the current page, which means that in order to complete this page by the end of the year, I need to stitch 6 blocks per month.  So my goal for March is to stitch at least 6 blocks, which will complete row 12 and start row 13.

6. Complete current pages of "Train of Dreams"

Once again, this is last week's photo, but I have a different excuse for lack of progress.  I had littlest niece for a sleepover this weekend, so there was lunch out, watching "The Lego Movie" and so on and so forth, and no stitching on Train.  Counting partial blocks as half blocks, there are 59 blocks left to stitch on these two pages, so again I need to stitch at least 6 blocks per month in order to complete this section by the end of the year.  So my goal for March again is to stitch at least 6 blocks, which will complete column 4 and move into column 5.

7.  Christmas ornaments for my nieces

Still far too early for this one!

In other news, I lost the 1.5lb that I put on last week - easy on, easy off.  I had a great time with littlest niece this weekend, and ate all sorts of non-Slimming World food, but who cares?  I just wish that the weather would sort itself out - I can hear that its raining again outside.  However it could be worse, so I'm sending my best wishes to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching.


  1. Great progress again - this Corgi is coming along so very cute :)

  2. Love the wedding piece. Such a good colour.