Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rainy Day Blues

I am so fed up with this weather, and am mortally grateful that I don't live in the West Country or the Thames Valley.  My deepest sympathies are with those who do and who are currently in difficulties.  Here the sun only seems to shine briefly and mainly during those hours that I am stuck at work.  I am so looking forward to the days when the sun will still be out when I leave the office.

On the stitching front, it has been a bit of a Yeah, but, no, but week.

I got my wedding invitation today, so the deadline date is now firmly fixed in my mind.  As you can see, the right hand side is finished and I have started on the left hand side.  I'm enjoying stitching this - the only issue is making sure that there is no show-through from the back.  Every motif is being stitched separately in the hope of avoiding this.

Moving on to April, the left hand angel is complete except for her wings and the back stitch.  I am pleased with my progress on this piece - if all goes to plan, this angel should be finished before the end of the month.

 Just a little close-up for you.

Another two blocks completed on Carnation - so that's a row finish to report as well.  Although I'm not exactly motoring with this one, I am pleased with the progress that I'm making when you take into account the deadline pieces that I have to get done.

The No, but pieces this week are Angelique and Train.  Angelique fell by the wayside because I spent a lot longer shopping in town yesterday than I had originally planned.  Train missed out because I spent this morning chucking stuff out of my bathroom cabinet and kitchen cupboards, dealing with my backlog of recycling, scrubbing the loo and starting to deal with the mountains of paperwork in my lounge.  However I feel better for having done it and made some space.  Although my youngest niece has demanded that I leave her some dust for her to deal with when she comes for her sleepover next month!

On the weight loss front, I lost 1lb this week, so that's the 0.5lb that I put on last week plus another one.  I am now down to 11 stone 7lb, which is the lowest I've been since I started this journey at the end of last May.  I was going to reward myself with a cordless mouse for my computer as the one I have is driving me mad.  Unfortunately the cheapy cordless mouse that I bought yesterday doesn't want to work and will have to go back to the shop.  Maybe some fabric and threads will be more reliable :-)

Next week is going to be a busy week with limited stitching time, but I hope to make some visible progress.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog steer well clear of your stitching.


  1. That April-angel is beautiful, and the heart's coming along nicely too - I really admire the way you're handeling so many big projects at the same time ^_^