Sunday, 16 February 2014

2014 WIPocalypse - February Full Moon

Somebody please explain to me how we come to be half way through February already?  And when is the weather going to pick up?  All it does is rain, and then sometimes it blows a gale (either with rain or without).  I want some sunshine, and I want it soon!!!  I know that I am very lucky to be living in an area of the UK without flooding, and neither do we have the seeming endless snow that they are getting in parts of the US, but this constant blurgh weather is dragging me down.

On the brighter side of things, I went out today and bought a wireless mouse for my computer.  The old mouse was driving me mad - it wasn't responding properly and it took ages to get the pointer where I wanted it.  New mouse is just wonderful - super responsive - and now I can fall in love with my computer again and get caught up on all the things that had fallen by the wayside because I didn't want to fight with my mouse.

Moving on to stitching, Measi's discussion topic for this WIPocalypse is as follows:

How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time?  Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

At the moment, I have 7 projects on the go.  Of these, 4 are for other people and have deadlines attached.  Two are for me and are both BAPs.  No. 7 is a cover kit which only gets worked on at times and in places where none of the others are appropriate.  To be honest, at the moment I don't feel comfortable with this many projects - 3 or 4 would be fine, but needs must.  I suppose I do work in a sort of rotation.  I have set times for certain projects, even if I don't always work on them at that time.  Weekday early mornings before work are currently for April, lunchtimes for Wedding and evenings for Carnation.  Saturdays should be for Guardian Angels and Sunday mornings for Train.  Where Corgi is going to fit in, I am not sure - probably weekday lunchtimes once Wedding is finished.

Now for a quick run down on the week's stitching:

Wedding is coming along.  I still aim to have it finished by the end of this month.  Once I have the heart finished, I just need to do the initials and the date.  Then I need to find a suitable frame and finish it off.  

April is also making good progress.  The left hand angel is now complete, bar the back stitching which I intend to do this week.  I will then move on to the right hand angel, but I still need to decide on the font for the lettering in the middle.  It will be interesting to see the effect of the back stitch - it lifted the bottom section so much that I am expecting great things of the angel.

This is my new start - "Corgi" by Yiota's X-Stitch.  This has to be completed by September for an 80th birthday.  The blue streak is where the water soluble marking pen got on my finger without my noticing and then got on the fabric.  At this point, I had marked everything up and couldn't be bothered to wash it out and start again.  It will be dealt with when the piece is finished.  I am stitching on 16 count white aida in order to fit the piece into a 12 inch square block.

 Finally, Carnation - just one block this week as I was out three nights and had an early night Friday in preparation for a long drive on Saturday.  I hope to do better in the coming week when I should have more time in the evenings.

On the weight loss front, I have lost another lb, taking me down to 11 stone 6lb.  However the extra weight would have come in handy on Saturday morning when I was driving to Telford in very windy conditions.  I went to a family history seminar entitled "The Next Generation", where all the speakers were under 40 and talked about their research, their use of technology and other resources, and preserving their work for the future.  It was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now that I have a properly working mouse, I can get back to my own research.

Monday is something else that comes round too soon, so I need to go take the seminar stuff out of my bag and put my work stuff back in.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching!


  1. NOW I know the trick to "mapping" out larger projects on fabric: water soluble marking pens. Thanks for that tip!!

    I adore your April piece. I understand about the font. I purchased a book of Alphabets at our local craft store (Hobby Lobby). It is called "Alphabets Galore" by Leisure Arts. I found it helpful when making the bookmarks for the pastors at my church.

  2. Great progress again this week and well done on the continued weight loss!

  3. Nice progress again, especially April is coming along adorablly :) Will you show us once you've finished the backstitching on the angel?

  4. Great progress - I love that Wedding piece. I have such a weakness for redwork!