Sunday, 26 January 2014

First New Start of 2014

Well, this week has been a bit like the curate's egg - good in parts!  My stitching time has been limited - firstly by three mostly enjoyable nights out and secondly by a black dog weekend.  However I do still have some photos to show you.
The Patchwork Group had a sewing day on Friday and I took the opportunity to make a new start.  What you see will eventually be a wedding present for my friend who is getting married in May this year.  The chart comes from issue 201 of World of Cross Stitching and is a heart shape made up of various relevant motifs.  I have changed the floss colour from DMC 498 to DMC 817, which I felt was more appropriate.  Under the heart I will be stitching the happy couple's initials and the date of the wedding.  I will be referring to this piece as Wedding from now on in.

Next up is April, where I have finished the blue of the skirt and made good progress on the angel's apron.  I still have to add the trowel handle or what ever it is and a bit more apron before moving on to her arm.

 Finally I have one more block complete on Carnation.  This piece suffered from an active social life this week, so I only got in a couple of hours on this one.

As I wrote above, this has been a black dog weekend.  I have been feeling tired and lacking in mojo, and the weather has been vile.  When you have to pull the curtains at 2.30pm because of the impending thunderstorm, it's bound to bring you down.  So I have done no stitching at all since Friday - Train and Angelique have seen no progress at all.  I have managed to do essentials like shopping, laundry and reading, but nothing else of note.

I also have no progress to report on the weight loss front because I went on a work colleague's leaving do (Greek tapas followed by cocktails) instead of going to Slimming World.  Now I just have to concentrate on eating properly this week in the hope of making up for last week.  I also have no evenings out (except my regular Pilates class) to come between me and my needle. 

All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching! 


  1. The hearts you started look very pretty, and for everything you had going on this week you made some very nice progress :)

  2. You've made some good progress considering the week you had :) and I love your colour choice for the "Wedding". And I'll bet you'll be doing good next week on Slimming World, after all if it's just one night it doesn't make that huge impact if you are "well behaved" the rest of the time :)

  3. Pretty new project and the progress you made on the others is still great even if you was busy this week! :) Good luck with the weight loss, I am back on my weight loss mission too, first weigh in Thursday - fingers crossed!

  4. Love your new start - look forward to seeing how it turns out.