Monday, 26 August 2013

2013 WIPocalypse - August Full Moon

Better late than never!  I meant to post last night but as you all know, sometimes things don't go according to plan.  However I have used the extra time wisely and have a mini happy dance to show off.

First of all, I have a new start to show you.  This is Bouquet 5.  When finished, it will be three pots of tulip-like flowers in a basket.  What you see here is two of the pots and the rim of the basket.

Now for my mini happy dance - this is Train of Dreams and on the left you can see the complete depth of this piece.  Courtesy of a little extra input this morning, column 1 is finished.  Using the parking method has made a big difference with this piece.  At the end of a session I feel that I have actually made some progress, which I didn't before when I was just dotting around.

Carnation is coming along at its usual pace.  I'm looking forward to getting page 4 finished and then scrolling up to start the next row of pages.

No progress on the Angels this week.  Part of the problem is having to take Carnation off the stand (which involves fiddling with the adapter) and putting Angels on.  If I had more space in my lounge and more money, then I'd buy a second stand and adapter to put Angels on.  When I win the Lottery :-)

On another happy note, I lost another 1lb this week which brings me down to 12 stone exactly.  This is my first interim target and I intended to treat myself to a new chart from Scarlet Quince (where I got Carnation).  Then I thought about it - I'm only just over a quarter of the way through Carnation so I really don't need another big and complex piece to be sitting there saying "Stitch me, stitch me".  So instead I treated myself to a new pair of dancing shoes - 5 inch black stilettos, although to be sure the soles are about an inch deep, so let's say 4 inch black stilettos!

What else?  Well, being on leave this week, I took my nieces out for the day on Thursday.  We went to a local country park where they played on the big play park and we went for a walk in the woods.  Then we went for lunch at their favourite garden centre, where there is a fish tank in the cafe.  After lunch we came home, but a sudden downpour stopped us from going to the park by the library.  So we had stories and they played monsters in my bed.

Back to work tomorrow and I need to collect in the rest of my Race for Life money.  However I do feel much better for having had a week off doing nothing.  So may the sun shine on you, your families and your stitching, and may the frog steer well clear.

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