Sunday, 1 September 2013

One foot in front of the other

It's been one of those weeks where you just have to keep plodding on, putting one foot in front of the other to get to the end.  I went back to work on Tuesday (Monday was a Bank Holiday) and had difficulty finding my desk after my week off.  Luckily the big boss was off so there were only two of them to field for.  By the end of the week, I'd cleared the backlog but still have a couple of things to do on Monday which were dropped on me late on Friday.  This had an impact on my stitching in that I did none at lunchtimes and so have no progress to report on Bouquet 5.

In addition we had a family outing today to Sutton Bonington Show, which meant that chores such as shopping and laundry had to be rescheduled, which also affected my stitching time.  The Show was great as usual - crafts, livestock, birds of prey, biggest vegetables, vintage cars and motorbikes etc - a local agricultural show at its best.  My nieces got up close and personal with thousands of honey bees and took their Granfer on a fairground ride.  A good time was had by all.

This weekend I started working on column 2 of Train of Dreams, again using the parking method.  I completed three blocks and am very pleased with the way that this piece is now coming together.  I know that I really should be working on Mum's Angels, but Train is just so much easier to face.  It is far more straightforward, being pure cross stitch, and I can just take it out of its bag and get on with it.

Working steadily on Carnation during the week brought me to the end of row 7.  Three more rows to go - that's 1620 stitches before I finish page 4 and have to scroll up to start the next section of this huge piece.  Ideally I would like to complete page 4 this month, but am somewhat hampered by a centenary street party, Mum's exhibition and the Patchwork Group's 30th birthday party.  Well, we shall see.

In other news, I maintained this week so am still at 12 stone.  I was not surprised because being away from work meant that my days had no structure to them.  When I'm at work, I eat and drink at approximately the same time every day, I'm up and down to the printer, photocopier, fax machine etc, and am generally more active and more timetabled than if I'm sat at home stitching or playing on the computer.  I get weighed on Thursday nights, which meant that I had only had three days back at work this week before weigh-in.

Anyway the big boss is back tomorrow, so here's hoping all is well with you and yours and that the frog is steering clear of your WIPs.

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