Sunday, 11 August 2013

In desperate need of a break

I just have to get through this next week and then I've got a week off work, and boy do I need it!  I last had a week off in April, but spent part of it at a family history conference and the rest staying with family.  It was great fun, but not exactly relaxing.  I badly need to chill out, defrag and wind down.  I've made a tentative booking to steal my nieces for a day and spoil them rotten, but other than that, I have no plans except to take it easy.

Mum and I did the Race for Life today, doing our bit to raise money for cancer research.  The weather was just about right - warm and sunny, but with enough of a breeze to make it comfortable.  We were a bit slower this year because Mum's legs were playing up, but we finished and that's what counts.  And it's always a really good atmosphere - all those women and girls giving up their time and putting in the effort - but then the sad thing is that of course everybody knows somebody!

Moving on to something more cheerful - stitching!

 All the cross stitching is done on Bouquet 4, so my plan is to get the back stitching done this week and then this will be finished!

And half a happy dance for Carnation - row 5 is complete and so page 4 is half done!  I took all of my WIPs to Patchwork Group this week.  Everyone was very complimentary, and there was a comment about the clever shading of the lilies on this piece.

So the plan for this week is to finish Bouquet 4, get the next three blocks of Carnation completed and work on Serena (she may even acquire a face).  The only drawback to this is that I am currently on chicken duty which takes up part of my evenings and this is open ended at the moment, so we shall see.

To finish on a bright note, I lost 1.5lb this week.  Another half pound will mean that I've lost half a stone in total, so fingers crossed for Thursday's weigh-in.  

All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your house.

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