Saturday, 18 June 2011

What the heck!

I am somewhat peeved.  I got home slightly later than usual last night to find my subscription copy of World of Cross Stitching on the mat - just what was needed after a long hard week!  So I got all my little getting home chores done and then settled down with WOXS.

Now, for some time, I have had Cross Stitch Collection and Cross Stitch Gold on order with my local newsagent.  However, the shop has recently closed due to serious illness.  So I have been on the lookout for good subscription deals for these two mags, rather than have to traipse into town every time a new issue comes out.

So I was really pleased to find in my new WOXS that the publisher had a summer sale on and that I could get 40% off a subscription to Cross Stitch Gold and only pay £24.30 for 9 issues.  I immediately went on-line to sort this out, only to find that the website was quoting £26.95 for 9 issues.  Something not quite right here, I thought. 

I rang the subscription line to enquire about this discrepancy.  The young lady on the other end was slightly bemused as she had £26.95 on her screen.  Unfortunately they didn't have the current copy of WOXS in the office so she couldn't check it straight away.  It was nearly 8pm by then so she couldn't do anything further just then, so I now have to wait until next week to get this sorted.  Somebody somewhere has made a boo-boo!

I know that its only a matter of £2.65, but when you are on a single lowish income and in the current economic climate, every penny counts.  So, as I said above, I am somewhat peeved.

On the other hand, "Carnation" is going well and I hope to have a photo for you tomorrow.

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