Sunday, 26 June 2011

The week continues!

Well so much for a relaxing weekend after a difficult week - yesterday went OK but today was not good!

Mum came round, which was planned so that was fine.  What was not planned and therefore not so fine was being descended upon by two over tired small people, who needed to be sorted out.  The sorting out meant that my usual Sunday routine went to pot.  On top of that it has been a very hot day and I don't do well in the heat.  And to finish things off, I managed to reverse into somebody else's car - they got a little scratch and I knackered my back light!

Anyway, a little stitching:

I've got a little further on with my Poinsettia, but following a suggestion from Mum, am considering not doing the border and finishing it as a circular Xmas ornament.

This morning's stitching on the Beetle was interrupted by small people.  I had hoped to get the tyre finished - there are another five or six rows to go - but it just didn't happen.

Carnation is coming on - there are something over 2,200 stitches there so just over 100,700 to go.  The lightish piece emerging on the right is one of the Chinese lanterns.  I'm enjoying this very much, although am definitely doing more in the early mornings before work than when I get home at night - mainly cos the light is better in the mornings.

Well, I've still heard nothing back from the Cross Stitch Gold people about the subscription.  I bought the latest copy of Gold yesterday and it has exactly the same advert in as WOXS, so tomorrow evening when I get in, I will be ringing up again (for the third time) and if I don't get a sensible response (rather than "we haven't got a copy of the magazine in the office"), I will be asking to speak to the manager!

So back to work tomorrow, but then a day off on Tuesday - can't wait.

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