Saturday, 25 June 2011

One of those weeks!

Its been one of those weeks.  One of those weeks that when you get to the end of it, you just need to put your feet up.

It went like this:

My sister got a new job, but her current boss is being difficult about letting her go.

My dad had a funny turn, which involved a paramedic and an ambulance, followed by a checkup with his GP, who gave him the all clear.

My great uncle died.  He was coming up to his 92nd birthday and was ready to go, but we were hoping to see him later on this year - life obviously had other plans.

I went to a friend's funeral - it was a good funeral as funerals go, but she went too soon and will be much missed.

I had a checkup at the dentist - he was very pleased with my teeth and quite complimentary, so I bought my mum a present for making sure that we grew up with good dental hygiene.

In amongst all the happenings, I did get some stitching done but have had to invest in new batteries for my camera so update photos will have to wait until tomorrow when the batteries have had a chance to charge up.

Hurray for the weekend!

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