Sunday, 30 November 2014

Goal setting for Christmas

Yes, folks, the big C is looming just over the horizon and deadlines need to be set so that packages get under the relevant trees.  Things have been fair to middling this last week at work, but it is not quite sorted completely, so I can't relax just yet.  But there has been progress on the knitting and stitching side of things.

In order of importance for finishing, I am now up to two booties and one mitten for my sister's colleague's baby boy.  The plan for this week is to knit the second mitten and then wash, block and sew up all four items.  After that it will be down to my sister to make sure that they get to the right place at the right time.

I sent off the yellow baby knits on Saturday so now will wait and see what sort of response I get.

Next up is Breeze.  I got another repeat done this week so there are now 101 stitches on the needle.  I'm also very close to the end of the first ball of yarn.  So this week's goal is to knit at least one more repeat on this piece.

Then there is the second Christmas ornament for my nieces.  This will be Rudolph when it is done.  This week's goal is just to work on this piece, although I am planning to take it into work with the intention of working on it at lunchtime.

Last but not least is Carnation.  I got my two blocks stitched this week, which gives me a row finish (row 18) and a start on the last row (row 19).  So there are just 7 blocks to go before this page is done and I have until New Year to do it.

I've also started setting some goals for next year - my cousin has a second baby due in February and my Mum will be 70 in November.

No Slimming World update this week cos I didn't go.  A busy week this coming week - Pilates, Slimming World, office Christmas party, Knit Group, family for lunch on Sunday - plus knit, knit, knit and stitch, stitch, stitch!

Anyway, all the best to you and yours, may you hit your Christmas deadlines and may the frog stay well away from your needles.

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  1. You're coming right along with all of your goals! That's awesome ^_^ I'm cheering you on so you will make it!