Sunday, 23 November 2014

Looking for the silver lining ...

Things have not gone so well this week.  The weather has been atrocious and as I have mentioned before, this time of year is never a good one for my mental health.  On top of that, it was not a particularly good week at work and tomorrow I have to face up to the situation and that may well cause some waves.

On a brighter note, L and I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate yesterday.  It was a long day (2 hours drive each way) and the venue was very crowded.  However, I bought some pretty things and didn't spend all the money I took with me, so am quite pleased with myself.

This is my new yarn bowl bought at Harrogate, a belated birthday present from my parents.  It took several attempts to take a photo which showed anything close to the right colours.  The bowl is glazed in shades of purple, which insisted on coming out looking blue.  I'm very much looking forward to using it with my next project.

Next up is a couple of finishes.  Here are the booties and mittens sewn up and ready to post off as soon as I get an address.  I finished them on Wednesday and baby Henry arrived early on Thursday afternoon, so that was good timing!

Then this morning I finished the stitching on the first of the Christmas ornaments for my nieces.  I need to crack on with the other one now as the countdown has begun.  There are Christmas trees on sale at my local supermarket!!

Moving on to work in progress, I got two more blocks done on Carnation, so only have nine more to do to finish this page.  I'm really looking forward to crossing this particular goal off my list.

And finally I've managed to make a little start on the second blue bootie.  I had hoped to be much further on with these, but as I said earlier, it was not really a good week this last week.

In other news, I put on another 0.5lb (Mum's birthday) so am back up to 11 stone 9lb.  Definitely need to try harder this week.

With tomorrow's difficulties ahead of me, I need a good night's sleep so will love you and leave you, and hope that the frog stays away from your needles.



  1. Good luck today! If they are nasty to you, stick the with the pointy end of you needles!

    Also, nice finishes, and nice progress on Carnation, and I love that yarn bowl you have, I've never seen anything like it before but iit looks really cool ^_^

  2. Good luck and I agree...this time of year typically tends to suck. Hang in there and keep stitching! It always helps me!