Sunday, 7 December 2014

2014 WIPocalypse - December Full Moon

So can some kind person tell me where this last year went?  How come we've got to the December WIPocalypse blog post already?  I'm sure it was June only last week - no, that's a lie, it was too damn cold last week to be June!!  I suppose it just feels like I've spent the whole year trying to get stuff done, but when I look around, there's an awful lot of stuff still not finished!

But I do have some finished pieces to show you.

First up are the blue booties and mittens for my sister's colleague's baby.  I finished and blocked them earlier in the week and then took them to Knit Group to sew them up.  So that's one of last week's goals ticked off.  I daren't start anything else of the knitted genre until I get Breeze finished, but I do have plenty of projects in mind.

Next up is the second Christmas ornament for my nieces, so that's a second goal ticked off.  I have charted up their initials to go on the back pieces of these, so one of my goals for this coming week is to work on the back pieces.

I also ticked off my goal for Carnation - another two blocks completed, leaving five blocks to go.  This week I aim to complete another two blocks and get past the halfway point on this last row.

And last but not least, Breeze.  I ticked off my goal on this piece by completing one repeat of the pattern.  This week's goal is to finish off the remaining repeats, even though that will include starting a new ball of yarn.

In other news, I actually went to Slimming World this week and maintained, so still at 11 stone 9lb.  I'm hoping that the dancing I did at the works Christmas do on Friday will have worked off the food I ate - I was driving so no alcoholic calories to worry about.

I'm already thinking about my knitting and stitching goals for 2015 but will save those for my New Year post.  I've started my Christmas shopping - why do people have to keep reminding you how few days there are left before the great turkey extravaganza?  I don't want to know, I'm stressed enough as it is anyway!

However, all the best to you and yours - may the frog stay away from your needles and may the run-up to Christmas not drive you nuts!


  1. Congrats on having so many goals to tick of! You're almost there with the page on Carnation as well, which is lovely ^_^

  2. Love those baby booties -- so cute. You made excellent progress on your WIPs. Congratulations!