Monday, 7 April 2014

Short and sweet - sleep needed!

The reason that this post is a day late is because I needed an early night last night and I knew that if I came on the computer, an early night would never happen, so here we are tonight briefly.  

On the stitching front,  there is some progress and some non-progress as usual.

All of the back stitching on April is finished.  I have decided on the lettering - I am going to use the darkest shade of blue from the angels' dresses.  So all I need to do now is get on with it.

Corgi has benefited from the near-completion of April as it has had a few more sessions that it otherwise would have.  I do however really need to have a go at the confetti.

I got two blocks done on Carnation this week so am on target for the month.

A distinct lack of sleep on Saturday night meant that Train of Dreams only received limited attention on Sunday morning.  Just the one block this week so some catching up to do on this one.

There is nothing to show on Guardian Angels as I have not worked on it this week.  I am involved in a family history project which requires research at our local archives.  The archives is going to close in October for some months to undergo extensive building works, so work on the project is taking precedence on Saturdays.

In other news, I lost another 0.5lb this week, taking me to 11 stone 4.5lb.  I also got my Club 10 award for having lost 10% of my original body weight, so very pleased with that.  I've also got an appointment at the hospital to get my overactive thyroid checked out, but not until the end of May.

Right, my eyes are starting to close so I am going to love you and leave you.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching.


  1. Lovely progress on all your projetcs :) Good luck with your family project. And big congratulations on reaching the 10% mark :)

  2. Great stitching. Congrats on reaching 10%!

  3. April is looking lovely, and the others are coming along great. Get your well deserved sleep and than happy stitching again!

  4. Great progress, and congrats on the 10% weight loss!