Monday, 31 March 2014

2014 Goals - March Progress Report

It's hard to believe that we are a quarter of the way through the year already - just where has the time gone?  So it's also time for another update report on my 2014 goals.

1. Start and complete wedding present for my friend

Well, despite my good intentions, this still needs framing so I can't tick it off the list just yet.  Hopefully, I can get this sorted by the end of April.  Nag me if I don't get on with it soon.

2.  Complete April by August.

The cross stitching on Angel 2 is complete and the back stitching has been started.  It is complete up to her waist and the bulk of the watering can is done.  I haven't quite decided on the lettering yet, but I am determined that this will be finished, if not finished finished, by the end of April.

3. Start and complete Corgi by September

I've made good progress on this, but completing a whole page was only a pipe dream.  I think if you add all the stitches together, I've stitched the equivalent of half a page though.  I would like to complete this page by the end of April.  Once "April" is finished, this will get the morning slot in addition to the lunchtime slot, which can only be a good thing, because I don't always get any stitching in at lunchtime.

4. Complete Guardian Angels by Christmas at the latest

My goal for March was just to stitch on this piece, which I have done - once!  Nothing more to show from the last photo, I'm afraid.  This will be a repeat goal for April - stitch something on this piece.


5. Complete at least one page of Carnation

My goal for March was to stitch six blocks on this piece.  I've gone one better - although I only managed one block this week, it was block number 7 for March, so pat on the back for me.  I'm on to row 13 and another six blocks in April will get me on to row 14.  So for this one, it is rinse and repeat.

6.  Complete current pages of Train of Dreams

This is a repeat of last week's picture.  Unfortunately the combination of a late night auction on Ebay and the clocks changing on Saturday night/Sunday morning completely knocked me out yesterday, so I got nothing done on Train.  However I have achieved my goal of six blocks for March, having actually stitched six full blocks and one partial block at the bottom of column 4, and I'm into column 5.  Rinse and repeat for this one as well - six blocks to be stitched in April.

7.  Christmas ornaments for my nieces

As last month, far too early to think about this one.

Moving on to other matters, I lost another 1.5lb this week so am down to 11 stone 5lb, my lowest weight yet and just 5lb off target.  However, it appears that healthy eating may not be the only reason for my weight loss.  I went for my follow-up blood tests on Friday morning and today the doctor rang up and told me that I definitely have an over active thyroid.  Next stop is the endocrinology department at the local hospital.  I'm looking on the bright side - I've been expecting to develop some sort of thyroid problem for years now as it runs in my Mum's Dad's family and we've caught it early so any treatment shouldn't need to be too drastic.  Also as illnesses go, it's not too bad - I can think of a lot worse things to develop.

Right, I'm going to finish here and have my tea.  I might even get a bit of stitching done before bedtime.  So here's hoping all is well with you and yours, and may the frog stay well away from your stitching.


  1. Wonderful stitching! I love the Corgi! I found your blog through the WIPocalypse check-in page.

  2. Great progress! I so love train of dreams, I hope I get around to stitching someday!

    Sorry to hear about the health issues, at least you've caught it and it can be easily dealt with and managed.