Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Happy Dance! and IHSW - April Edition

Well, I hope that you all have had and/or are having a lovely Easter, depending on which time zone you are in.  I should have posted this yesterday, but we had family high tea at Mum and Dad's, so it was late by the time I finally got home.

As you will see from the title, this is a Happy Dance post, one big one and one small one!

Ta Da!  April is now finished!!!  I put the last stitches in on Easter Saturday and it's been washed and pressed.  Now I just have to sit down with Mum and sort out how to transform it into a 12 inch square hanging, but that shouldn't take long.  The hard part is over - it has taken me about 5 months to get to this stage.  I'm really pleased with it and the few people who have seen it really like it and think that V will like it too.

 Moving on, I have a row finish to show on Carnation.  I've done 5 out of the 6 blocks that I need to do for April in order to get a page finish by the end of the year.  And it's looking good.

I also have some nice progress to report on Corgi.  The very faint line of stitching at the top is actually the top of the page.  Now that April is finished and I can put some serious time into this piece, I might just have a page finish for the end of the month.

And this week I have managed to get some time in on Train of Dreams.  Just the one block, which makes 2 out of 6 for the month, but that is better than nothing.

Nothing to report on Guardian Angels again this week, I'm afraid.  And despite having a finish, there won't be a corresponding new start for some time yet, even though I have a list as long as my arm of pieces that I would love to be working on - too much to do!

In other news, as a result of going to my conference, I put on another 1lb this week, so I am back up to 11 stone 7lb.  I have a wedding to go to in just under a month, so need to crack on and get some of this weight shifted.

Unfortunately it is back to work tomorrow, so I will finish here and get on with all the stuff I need to get done before then.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching!


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  2. Congrats on your lovely finish:)

  3. Congratulations on your finish, I love see all your ambitious work!

  4. Congrats on your finish, April is looking just lovely! Also you're making great progress on all of your other pieces, I'm really looking forward to your upcoming posts ^_^

  5. Well done on the lovely finish! I bet it feels great to have it done :) Great work stitching on your other projects as well.

  6. Wow, you have some really large projects in the works. I am just starting my first chart that has more than one page (it has 10!). Do you have any tips for completing these. You seem to be quite good at them.