Tuesday, 15 April 2014

2014 WIPocalypse - April Full Moon

For a change I am actually posting on the night of the full moon, which I have just seen hanging big and bright in the night sky as I pulled the curtains.  The main reason for this is that I have been away for a few days without any internet access.  As a result I am slightly off schedule and unfortunately do not have a lot of stitching to show.

I have made progress on Wedding to the extent that I have now been out and bought a frame for it.  Now I just need to wash it, press it and get it framed.

I still need to stitch the lettering on April and would like to get that done over the fast approaching Easter break.

Corgi came away with me and I did manage to get a bit done off and on, in addition to what I stitched at Patchwork Group because the future owner wasn't there.  He now has an ear (or most of one) and looks more like a dog than before.

What with going away and getting ready to go away, I only managed to get one block done on Carnation this week, but that was better than nothing at all, which was the case with Angelique and Train of Dreams.

I do however have some stash to show you.  I was bidding for something non-cross stitch related on Ebay, and ended up bidding not only for that, but also for a lot of other things.  What you can see there is Lavender & Lace's Celtic Autumn, Chatelaine's Mini Mandalas II, Taj Mahal Mandala Garden and Indian Summer Reflections.  There is also a thread catcher from Beadin'handy and a tacky bead mat (not Ebay).  I also won a number of vintage Cross Stitch Gold magazines, and am now determined to steer clear of Ebay for some little while.

While I'm talking about stash, this month's WIPocalypse question was how we keep our stash organised.  I think that the correct answer in my case is not very well.  I have one large six drawer cabinet and two small three drawer cabinets that I keep my DMC threads in - colour co-ordinated.  I have one 30 litre plastic box that I keep fabric in and one 30 litre plastic box that I keep charts and cover kits in.  I also have I don't know how many cross stitch magazines, some in those cardboard magazine holders and others in stacks on the floor.  My spare frames live in the gap between the end of the settee and the radiator, and the other end of the settee to the one I sit on houses projects not currently being worked on and miscellaneous gubbins.  It all needs sorting - what I am short of is the time to do it in.

In other news, I put on 1.5lb last week, mainly due to an attack of the Black Dog, so was back to 11 stone 6lb.  Unfortunately going away for the weekend has probably not helped matters as I was staying at a hotel with all meals provided.  I will just have to get back on the wagon and start losing again.

As I am still catching up on my sleep, I will wish you and yours a very happy Easter and may the frog stay away from your stitching.


  1. Your corgi looks great! Such a sweet face, I'm sure his future recipient will love it. :-)