Sunday, 19 January 2014

2014 WIPocalypse - January Full Moon & IHSW - January Edition

Here we are again with another year of WIPocalypse and International Hermit and Stitch Weekends to enjoy.

For this month's WIPocalypse, Measi asked us to talk about ourselves, our projects and our goals.  So here goes:  I'm 42, single, childfree and working full-time in the legal sector.  I read like I breathe - it's a simple bare necessity of life.  Cross stitch keeps me calm and helps fight off the depression that likes to drop by every so often, especially at this time of year.  My other hobby, family history, has suffered over the past couple of years due to my growing addiction to stitching.  I've talked about my stitching projects and goals in my last couple of posts, so I shan't repeat them here.  My main personal project/goal for 2014 is to get a grip on my life - I've got into a serious rut and need to make changes on all fronts, so any and all encouragement will be gratefully received.

So as it was WIPocalypse on Wednesday and IHSW this weekend, I really should show you some stitching.  Where to begin?

I'll start with April as it currently has the earliest deadline.  We are now well into angel territory.  A bit like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland (which appeared smile first), this angel is appearing feet first. This is working out easier than the shrubbery below, mainly because it is blocks of one colour.  And I do like the blue - such a nice change from the green!  This coming week I hope to finish the skirt and get well on with the apron.

Speaking of angels, Angelique came out to play this weekend.  We had some Smyrna crosses, some rice stitches and some Leviathan stitches to contend with.  I have also re-charted her face and hands, as she was the only one of the four angels not to have those elements done in petit point, and the whole piece will look better if they all match.

Moving on to the Big A** Projects, I got one block done on Train of Dreams today and it took me two hours!  That could partly be because I had a very late night last night so had a very late start this morning, but I will say that there was quite a lot of confetti in this block.  However I need to take this piece more seriously.  I've counted the remaining blocks on these two pages and one block a week is not going to cut it if I want to finish them this year.  Another place where I've got to get a grip!

Last but not least, Carnation.  Just one block completed on this piece as well this week.  However I look at the next row down and say to myself that it shouldn't take too long as there has been so much overlap from the current row.  Part of the problem here is that April has taken over the morning stitching slot, leaving Carnation with the evenings which are often taken up with other things.  This coming week I will be out three nights, so will be struggling to get more than one block done again.  

In other news, on the positive side I lost 1.5lb this week, taking me back to my lowest weight of 11 stone 7.5lb.  My friend and I stayed to class for the first time in a while, and it does inspire you to try harder.  On the thoroughly annoying side, my car had a flat battery first thing on Monday and then again today.  Tomorrow morning's job before work is to go and get a new battery fitted!  On the domestic improvement front I now have a deadline to contend with.  Littlest niece, who comments on my dusty bathroom, is coming for a sleepover at the beginning of March, so I now have to fit getting the house sorted into the timetable as well.  I really could do with several more hours in the day. 

I really need a good night's sleep after last night so will love you and leave you.  May all be well with you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching!


  1. Called to say Hi and see how your IHSW went.

  2. Well done, so many beautiful projects!

  3. Great stitching and well done on the weight loss! I lost another lb this week too! :)

  4. congrats on so many successes! :)

  5. Lovely projects you have and big CONGRATULATIONS on the weight lost; I found out that gym classes are what work for me as well :). And do not stress much with house tasks, afterall there are more important things to life (like stitching eheheh ) Hugs,

  6. Ah, now I see why you won't have time for Peacock Tapestry this year - so many beautiful WIPs, especially these HEADs take quite a lot of commitement, and Carnation looks like a lot of work, too - I hope you'll make great progress throughout the year :)

  7. I love how you talk about your WIPs - almost brings them to life!! Best of luck on reaching all of your goals for 2014.

  8. Congrats on the weight loss!!!! :D Projects are all looking great and I found it really funny that little niece comments on the bathroom. LOL!

  9. HAED projects take my breath away sometimes…I'd love to start one myself. I suffer from depression as well, so my stitching has been a lifesaver for me. Good luck with your WIPs.