Monday, 8 July 2013

And it's hot, hot, hot!

We British always talk about the weather - and at the moment we do indeed have something to talk about.  I know that for many of our American and other overseas cousins, temperatures in the high 20s are nothing to go on about, but for us temperate British types, it is indeed hot, hot, hot!  And I will confess to not liking it at all.  I'm not keen on extremes of temperature, but at least with minus figures, you can just put on more layers.  When its like this, there is only so much that you can take off without getting arrested :-)

However, as it was so hot these past few days and I had Friday off, I stopped in most of the weekend and stitched.

Taking it from the top, here is Bouquet 3.  The bottom of this piece is now complete bar the back stitch, and I am one flower down and four to go.  It's still not ringing my bells, but I've started it so I will finish it!

 Next up is Serena, the first of four Just Nan Guardian Angels, my first piece on linen.  She now has both arms, so the next job is to complete her skirt, bar the central section which is beading and backstitch. Progress is slow but satisfying.

 And finally another minor happy dance!  Yes, that is row 2 of page 4 of Carnation complete.  I'm enjoying this page because it seems to be moving on so quickly, and as usual it looks so good in the photo.

What else?  Last week was not a good week weight-wise as I put on 1.5lb - must try harder.  The boss is off this week, which will hopefully mean that I manage to get some of those "oh, I'll do it in my spare time" jobs done, like the backlog of archiving that needs seeing to.  I also have a funeral to go to - one of my neighbours, but it is also Patchwork Group that night, which should cheer me up a bit afterwards.

Anyway, I need to go and sort my tea out, so here's hoping its good stitching weather by you.

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  1. Hello
    Just found your lovely blog.
    Your stitching is beautiful!
    Happy weekend (: