Monday, 22 July 2013

2013 WIPocalypse - July Full Moon & IHSW - July Edition

And it's too damn hot!  The temperature gauge in my toolbar says 30 degrees at gone 7.30pm, so I won't be getting much sleep tonight!  I can only hope that the air conditioning is working properly for Kate - not the best of days to be having a baby!

I think that this is the second time this year that WIPocalypse and IHSW have come together, so here goes with the update.

Starting with a finish, here is Bouquet 3, which as with the previous two, looks so much better with the backstitch done.

Having finished the third piece, I moved onto No. 4 in the Bouquet series.  This will be a blue teapot with flowers coming out of the top when it is done.

Next up is Serena, my first Guardian Angel.  Her skirt is now finished apart from the central panel, which is backstitch and beading, and will have to wait til last.  The next section will be her collar and her head, with the wings coming in after that.  I am enjoying this, but it certainly requires more concentration than some of the other pieces.

And finally Carnation - I am now onto row 4 and enjoying every minute of it.  I'm thinking that if I really put some effort into this, I could get page 4 finished for my birthday at the end of September.  What do you reckon?

In other news, I lost another lb this week, bringing me down to 12 stone 5lb, so a total weight loss of 3.5 lb.  The hot weather doesn't really help because I don't really feel like eating, let alone cooking.  

Mum has been back to her consultant about her heart.  He is not very concerned, but she is having a couple of tests done to check things out before they discuss whether or not she is going to have a procedure done.  She is very much "I told you so" about it, so I'm keeping schtum about it.

Other than that, things seem to be fairly positive (if you like sport - I'm not that keen) and fingers crossed for a happy healthy royal baby and a happy healthy Kate.  And for the rest of you, may your needles stay sharp and your thread never tangle, and your stitching keep you smiling!


  1. Love the colours in your bouquet. Lovely projects and I'm sure you can get that page completed by September :)

  2. Well done on your finish, it looks lovely!

    I'm sure you can get that page finish by your birthday :)

    Well done with the weight loss and your stitchy progress :)

  3. Carnation is looking amazing! I feel your pain on the heat; I hope it cools down for you soon. Congratulations on the weight loss!