Monday, 10 June 2013

What sabbatical was that?

Well folks, I just couldn't pull it off! It's really a very good job that I never took up smoking :-)

 By the end of Week One, I was becoming unbearable - tired, grumpy, hacked off and so on and so forth. So on Saturday, while I was helping out with the Open Gardens event that my Mum organises every year for the road they live on, Mum suggested that perhaps I could stitch, but limit it to half an hour a day, or half an hour twice a day. This would ease the withdrawal symptoms but not put too much pressure on my wrists.  So Sunday morning, while the laundry was on, I put thread through needle and stitched half an hour on Carnation.  Page 4 is now underway.

If you look carefully in the top right hand corner, you will see a narrow dark extrusion, which is the beginning of the last page on this row.  It was just so nice, so soothing to get stitching again.  I feel much better now.

Another thing that happened on Saturday morning was me collecting Enchanted Garden from the framers.  Mum and I chose the mount to echo the clover leaves in the background.  I really hope that she likes it.  What do you think?

I also won some stash on Ebay over the weekend - when it arrives, I'll take pictures to show you.

On the weight loss front, last week was not a good week.  Despite trying really hard and being really good (apart from the barbecue), I put on 1.5 lbs.  My Slimming World consultant said not to worry, it was my first week and that things should come right the next week.  So I've carried on trying and being really good.  At the weekend I turned down fish and chips, and homemade cupcakes, cookies and flapjack.  Today I turned down homemade brownies.  Thursday is weigh-in night and Patchwork Group.  Will I have lost weight and will the Group like the finish-finish on Enchanted Garden?  I'll have to wait and see.

May the sun shine on your stitching and may there be no knots in your thread.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!

    I love the framed finish, it really sets the piece off well. Joan Elliott creates such wonderful designs! I love it :)

    Don't worry too much about the weight, just keep at it and hopefully the results will start to show!