Sunday, 16 June 2013

IHSW - June 2013 Report

Due to one thing and another, there wasn't a lot of hermitting and nor was there lots of stitching either, but some progress has been made.

Although my stitching sabbatical is now a thing of the past, I am still taking things gently to give my wrist a bit of a rest.  Several half hour stints on Carnation have led to the sum total of one finished block, one half finished block and three started blocks.  Page 4 is not a full page of stitching - in sequence, each row consists of one 9 stitch block (already done as part of page 3), five full blocks and one 4 stitch block. Each row on previous pages have consisted of seven full blocks and either one or two partial blocks, depending on their place in the sequence.  It's nice to be working on this piece again - it makes me feel calm.

I also have a fresh start to show you or perhaps I should call it a re-start.  It was Patchwork Group this week so I took Enchanted Garden for them all to see.   I took a work jacket to sew a couple of buttons on, and I also took my project pack for the Bouquet pieces.  This is Bouquet No. 3 - described as Little Jug.  I will be taking this to work with me as I have been spending too much time goggling at the computer during my lunch break.  

On the stash front, I bought a couple of HAEDs in the Father's Day sale.  They are both by Josephine Wall - "Fantasy Wedding", and "Leo" from her Zodiac series.

Fantasy Wedding


I have also won a couple of items of stash on Ebay, but am still waiting for one to arrive, so will show you those in my next post.

On the weight loss front, I lost 2lb this week so I made back what I put on last week plus a further half pound.  However there may well be an increase this week due to Father's Day, littlest niece's birthday and a brief encounter with the black dog yesterday.  I am also due a meal out with my friends this week so the scales will say whatever they say and I'll take it from there.

The weather has been somewhat up and down, on and off this week, so I leave you with the hope that wherever you are, the sun will shine on your stitching and warm your soul. 

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  1. Your stitching is looking fabulous! Your new patterns are pretty and detailed. They should be enjoyable stitcheries