Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mad March hare or rabbit in this case

As I get older, time seems to pass more and more quickly.  Looking back to when I was a child, time passed much more slowly - the summer holidays seemed to last for months and months, birthdays, Easter and Christmas were forever away.  Now, well, how can it be March already - it was only Christmas last week!

Starting with Enchanted Garden, the bunny has one ear and the beginnings of a second.  The greeny grey blob is supposed to be part of a clover leaf - most of the background consists of clover leaves in this colour.  I wanted to see what it was going to look like, and I was getting slightly bored of the brown threads.  As it is now March already, I really need to crack on with this piece.

Progress on Turkish Challenge has not been as great as I had hoped.  I had planned to do quite a bit of work on it Friday night but was interrupted by a visit from my sister.  After that, there was a visit from the frog, so after re-stitching I called it a night.  However I am taking it babysitting tomorrow so hope to have more to show next time.

Carnation - well, what can I say?  The adaptor came as you can see, and after a little fiddling about, I fitted it to the work stand and moved the frame along to where I felt comfortable.  Indeed, I felt so comfortable that I managed to do four blocks this week, putting me one block ahead of schedule again and finishing off row 8.  I now have two rows (16 blocks) left on page 3, which if all continues to go well, means that I should have a page finish in just over 5 weeks.  And the top of the second little girl's head is just coming in on the right hand side, so the picture continues to come together.  

And the sun shone this week so I'm feeling fine!  Happy stitching to you all!


  1. Great progress on each piece and I SO know what you mean about time flying by...although it really only seems to be the weekends that fly by for me, but it might be all the stitching!

  2. Great stitching :) And you are right, I can't believe we are in March already!

  3. Gorgeous stitching :D great progress with carnations