Monday, 25 February 2013

2013 WIPocalypse - February Full Moon

Another full moon, another WIPocalypse report.  Where do the days go?

The weather here is still cold and miserable.  At the weekend I only had to put my foot out of the door for a snow flurry to commence.  Hibernating until the sun comes back still feels like a very good idea.  However, miserable weather or not, the stitching must go on!

 The deadline for Turkish Challenge has now moved back a month because our Turkish lady will be in Istanbul on the day of the meeting that we were supposed to submit these.  However, I am going to stick to the original date because otherwise all of my other deadlines will get messed up.  This is coming on reasonably well, although I do need good light and a functioning brain in order to work on it.

Moving on to Enchanted Garden, Joan Elliott is such a fantastic designer.  Even without the backstitch, when I say that this is a rabbit, you can see that it is.  I am enjoying this piece, even though it is going to take an awful lot of concentrated stitching to get it done in time.

The usual three blocks on Carnation - progressing steadily towards its deadline.  The news on this piece is that I am investing in an Extra Long Frame Adaptor for my work stand.  The frame that I am working on is a 27" x 12" frame, so by the time that I get on to page 4, I am going to be right out on a limb, so to speak.  The adaptor will enable me to move the frame along so that I can work on the far side of this piece at a point which is both comfortable and stable.  So buying stash, but useful stash that will be used immediately, and can be used with all my current and future BAPs.

Right, I'm starting to feel a bit chilled so I'm going to love you and leave you.  Keep warm and keep stitching.


  1. very nice! Oh yes, you can really tell that is a rabbit, I knew before I read the text, that will be lovley!

  2. gorgeous stitching :D your carnations is looking gorgoeus!