Sunday, 31 March 2013

2013 WIPocalypse - March Full Moon

Evening all - I'm slightly behind the fair with this post because the full moon was only two days after my last post.  Where to start?

I've carried on timing my stitching and this week's total comes in at 13 hours, 25 minutes, 53 seconds and 60 hundredths of a second, so more than last week but still less than the previous week.  And the reason for this - Good Friday was spent having my haircut, doing some shopping, going for lunch with my Mum and reading the three new books that I had bought.  Got to have some down time sometimes. 

I've been wearing my wrist support and having a short break every half hour or so during long stitching stints, and trying to remember to take regular doses of anti-inflammatories, so things are OK at the moment.

 Some good progress to show on Turkish Challenge, despite it getting the least amount of attention - 3 hours, 30 minutes plus over three sessions.  I had almost hoped to get this piece finished for this post, but it wasn't to happen.  It won't get finished this next week either because I am going to be somewhat busy - various things have decided to happen all over a few days.

Next up is Enchanted Garden - having received slightly more attention - 3 hours, 40 minutes plus over four sessions and a quick five minute tidy-up.  That is the wings of Fairy 2 that you can see partially completed there.

Carnation hit the jackpot this week with 6 hours, 15 minutes plus over five sessions.  Lots of confetti to deal with this week.  There are now only four blocks to go on page 3, but as this next week is going to be busy, I am only planning on stitching two of them.  However the finish line and a happy dance are in sight.

This afternoon my family had an Easter egg hunt at my parents' house followed by high tea.  High tea was followed by a "performance" by my nieces (roping in my unfortunate Mum) of a piece entitled "The Pet Pandemonium" - which was about a pet shop - and involving a lot of puppets.  We even had individual named tickets with a stub section, so their trips to the small theatre on the University campus are obviously paying off.

Anyway the night is drawing in and I have a list of jobs to do tomorrow, so please keep warm and keep stitching.


  1. Carnation is looking just beautiful! Great work on all of them. :)