Sunday, 10 March 2013

Are you sure that the Spring is coming?

Well, we had snow again today - not a lot and it didn't settle, but it was snow!  There are snowdrops and mini daffodils and an early clematis in my parents' front garden, and still it snowed!

I'm quite happy with this week's stitching.  I feel as if I've achieved quite a bit.  What do you think?

Turkish Challenge is coming on.  I've finished the leaves and am now working on the first flower.  I have about a month in hand on this piece.  Although we have been given a month's extra grace, I would like to have the stitching complete by the original deadline.

I'm also seeing good progress on Enchanted Garden and getting some nice comments both at work and from my mother (bonus!).  The purple blob on his ear is supposed to be a clover flower - presumably the back stitch will make this clearer.  However there is still an awful lot to do on this piece, so as soon as Turkish Challenge is done, this will get extra attention.

The usual three blocks on Carnation were completed by Thursday night, so Turkish Challenge got Friday's slots.  As soon as page 3 is complete, I am going to put this on hold while I work on Enchanted Garden.  While an adult might understand the late arrival of their birthday present, 5 year olds don't.

I just want to say Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there.  I don't know what I'd do without mine, and I dread the day when she is taken from me.  We've had a joint celebration at my sister's because today is also eldest niece's 7th birthday.

I'm not sure if it counts as stash, but while I was buying birthday presents in Argos, I also bought a stopwatch to time my stitching.  The shop assistant that I was talking to probably thinks that I'm nuts, but I find that my stitching sessions are often disturbed - laundry, cooking, phone calls and so on - and this way I can see how long I actually do spend stitching.  Do you time your stitching - if so, do you use a stopwatch and work from 0 secs onwards, or do you set a timer and work from say 2 hours backwards?  Just interested.

Keep warm and keep stitching!


  1. Great stitching week for you :) Timing it is a good idea, as you say we always get broken off and might explain the lack of progress (for me anyway!)