Saturday, 24 September 2011

The things we do for love!

Somehow it seems to me that going that extra mile is always easier when it is for someone you love.  And today I did go that extra mile - in fact I went 100 plus extra miles - a round trip to Doncaster to pick up a birthday present for my Mum that I won on ebay.

This vintage dolls house is now residing in the bottom of my wardrobe where I am hoping that my Mum will not see it in the next six weeks or so before her birthday.  It needs a bit of work but that's fine because so do most of the other dolls houses in her collection.  There is no furniture with it so she is going to have to buy more furniture or we will have to buy her furniture for Christmas.  

So you do things for love and then other people do things for love of you.  Last Saturday I went to a combination birthday party (for the Patchwork Group) cum house warming (for one of the members).  I had a great time - lovely house, great food, fantastic company but the best bit was this:

This was an early birthday present from the Patchwork Group, who celebrate all members' birthdays ending with 0 with a group project.  It is a single bed size quilt, in autumnal colours, made for me to wrap myself up in when I'm on the computer or stitching.  

So there you go, a couple of the things we do for love!

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