Sunday, 18 September 2011

Some progress made!

Today I'll start with another new start and then work up from there.
 This is another Mouseloft for Hobbycraft piece - this time of a Christmas tree.  This one might just get stitched as per the chart, rather than bits being left out.  I have another three of these small pieces to do.  I took Santa and Snowman along to the Marie Curie meeting, but although it looks as though we are going to have some sort of craft stall thing, I may have to make these into cards myself as I didn't get any volunteers.

Next up is my Eva Rosenstand robin - isn't he just gorgeous?  I've done the back stitch round the eye and for the beak, and he just looks so lifelike.  I'm really enjoying stitching him and may well do him again at some point.  If my friend doesn't like him, I shall start to think that there is something wrong with her.
Then comes Beetle mania.  Despite a home invasion by my Mum using my computer, I did manage to finish the second headlight and start the sidelight (?) above the first headlight this morning.  To be honest, I feel better about it when I look at the photos than when I've got it in my hands for some reason.  As you can see, I am now using a hoop with this rather than the square snap-on frame and I'm finding it easier - its not so bulky in my hand.  

Carnation has gone well this week, despite being out three nights in a row.  I've completed three blocks in the right hand column and gone into a fourth.  Mum said that it was coming on when she looked at it this morning.  

Back to work tomorrow and at least my colleague will have returned from her holiday so I will have someone to share the load again this week.  Sometimes the bosses seem to forget that one person doing two people's work is going to take longer to get stuff done!

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