Friday, 9 September 2011

2012 WIPocalypse

Well, I first read about this on one of the many cross stitching blogs I dip into and went straight over to Measi's Musings to find out more about it.  Having read the instructions and the FAQ a couple of times, I'm going to go for it.

Basically this is a stitch-a-long to get stuff done.  You sign up at Measi's blog, you post a list of stuff that you want to finish/start in 2012 and every full moon you post an update post and then go over to Measi's and say that you've updated.  Simples!

My WIPocalypse list will obviously start with the Beetle (which has to be done, framed and wrapped for 4 March 2012) and Carnation (which for obvious reasons may not get finished in 2012).

I've stuck a list of full moon dates to the side of my computer so I can't lose the piece of paper in the rest of the shambles which is my desk.  I'll start a new page for my WIPocalypse list and start thinking what else out of the multitude of projects that I have in mind I might do next year.

It's going to be such fun!  Thanks, Measi, for such a bright idea!

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  1. Happy to have you! I honestly did NOT think I'd get such a quick (and HUGE) response for the idea. I think it's going to be an absolutely amazing year of stitching based on the turnout.

    Thanks for the plug, too!