Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Next verse, same as the rest

Apologies for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks.  The mojo has been somewhat lacking for various reasons.  

I went for a job interview, but didn't get the job - although the feedback was positive and helpful.  And thank you to anyone who had their fingers crossed for me - apparently all the candidates were good and it was very close.

I went to the physio, who said that, because I am very flexible in my lower back, my bottom muscles aren't pulling their weight and so the muscles in my thigh have been overworked.  I am now rolling out of bed every morning (except Sunday, my day of rest) and doing exercises before I do anything else.  I hope that progress has been made, but have another couple of weeks before I go back to the physio.

In other news, there has been progress on the knitting and stitching fronts.

As you can see, the left hand border on Baby Express is now complete and progress has begun on the bottom border.  At the current rate of progress, I might even get it finished before his first birthday :-)

I have finally got round to blocking my Cabled Handwarmers.  The plan is to take them to Knit Group on Saturday, stitch them up and finally have them finished well in advance of the cold weather.

The second toe-up sock is nearly done.  Since this photo, I have finished the leg and started the ribbing for the cuff.  I am hoping that in my next post I will be able to show you a finished pair of socks!

And I am still trundling on with Hitchhiker.  The photo shows points 1 to 36, and I have done point 37 since then.  However there is still a lot of yarn left, so I am not proposing to forecast a potential finish date just yet.

There is not really anything else to report at present, so I will love you and leave you, and may the frog stay well away from your needles.

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't get the job you wanted, but helpful feedback is a good thing too. Hope your physio will be sucessful! :)

    Apart from that, great progress on your stitching and knitting! I'm looking forward to a finish or two time around ^_^