Thursday, 6 August 2015

All the pretty things (especially for Leonore)

As the last of my Fibre East purchases arrived in the post this morning, and at Leonore's particular request, here are all the pretty things (even if some of the colours haven't come out too well in the photos).

This was my first purchase and I just couldn't resist.  Sock yarn by Sara's Texture Crafts in Watermelon Neon in her Oddsox - Line Art collection.  So one sock will be mainly pink with some green and the other will be mainly green with some pink.  She had quite a few different colourways but this was the one that grabbed me.

More sock yarn, this time from Unbelievawool.  This colourway is called Petrol Pot and yes, you can see silver sparkles in it.

Moving on, this is what came in the post this morning.  The photo is not good - it's more of a reddy pink than this.  From Native Yarns, three skeins of Clare Merino & Silk 4ply in the Astrid colourway which I bought specifically for this shawl, the pattern for which I also bought at Fibre East.

Then we come to the John Arbon Alpaca 2-3ply.  How could I resist - 1200 metres of 90% alpaca, 10% nylon in this gorgeous moss green for just £10?  Couldn't be done, but I have no plans for this as yet.

I took a couple of friends from Knit Group with me to Fibre East.  They usually go on the train, I was going to be driving there anyway - so a no brainer, and it meant I had company, which is always nice at these things.  Someone to say "Ooh, feel this!" to, and get a second opinion from.  So then they wanted to give me petrol money, even after I said not to be daft, because I would have gone anyway.  So I said to give me yarn instead, so my stash now includes two skeins of Garnstudio DROPS Lace, this one in the Purple colourway ...

and this one in the Red colourway.  We're talking 70% baby alpaca, 30% mulberry silk and 800 metres to a skein.  This should work out to two very luxurious shawls at some point and at a very reasonable price.

So there you are, Leonore, all the pretty things.  I am now on a yarn diet - no more new yarn until Yarndale in late September, but the knitting will continue and I will keep you up to date with that.

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  1. Pretty pictures just for me? Yay! I love your new treasures, especially the petrol-sparkly-one and the dark-red lace. Can't wait to see all the pretty things you are going to make with those ^_^