Sunday, 8 February 2015

2015 WIPocalypse - February Full Moon

Dear Reader, I will be brutally honest with you - I am fed up to the back teeth with this brass monkey weather that we have been subjected to for the past several weeks!  I want not to have to scrape my car every morning, I want not to have to make a hot water bottle every night, I want not to have to sit here typing wrapped up like an Eskimo and wearing fingerless gloves.  I want the sun to come back and to just be able to put one layer on to walk out the door, instead of three!

Anyway, enough whinging!  I have progress to report.

My second pair of hand-knitted socks is now finished.  I completed the toe decreases last night whilst babysitting and then grafted the toe this morning.  Once again they are not perfect, but I am looking forward to wearing them.

I won't be casting on any new projects just yet.  We are expecting an addition to the extended family any day now and as it is going to be a surprise, I am waiting to hear before I cast on yellow or pale blue baby knits.

In the meantime, I did cast on my second cabled hand-warmer this week and have completed the ribbing section and the set-up rows for the cabling.  This will be my on-going knitting project until such time as we hear from Wales about the new baby.

Still on the baby front, I have completed the back stitching on the centre section of Baby Express and moved on to the next section of stitching.  Cold fingers and stiff fabric are not helping progress on this piece.

Measi's question for this month's WIPocalypse post relates to how one manages when you get stuck in a rut with a project.  I find this a bit difficult to answer because the projects that I get racked off with most tend to be the ones where I am working to a deadline.  I get to a point where I have to put everything else on one side and just stitch/knit on the deadline piece in order to get it done in time.  But part of that will be because I'm a dreadful procrastinator - if I used every spare scrap of time, projects would get done a lot faster, but I don't.  Like this evening, I would have been on-line about an hour earlier had I not borrowed some books from my Mum and been reading those instead of writing this post.  Sorry, not very helpful.

In other news, I made a flying visit to Slimming World this week and was delighted to discover that I had lost another 1.5lb and was back down to my target weight of 11 stone 7lb.  So that was 3lb off in two weeks and I reckon it was down to changing what I eat for lunch at work.  Now I just have to maintain myself at this weight - easier said than done.

Its getting late so I will leave you now with best wishes to you and yours, and may the frog stay well away from your needles.


  1. Lovely knitting!
    Sweet cross stitch project!
    Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. You know, I'm ready for some spring myself...but at least you have an awesome new pair of socks to keep your feet warm, and nice progress with everything else :)