Monday, 22 December 2014

A Curate's Egg Week

In other words, good in parts!  I went out with my team on Wednesday night after work and had a good time.  I went out with a couple of old school friends on Thursday night and had a very good time.  I went to Knit Group on Saturday and also had a good time.  The Christmas shopping is done (just needs wrapping).  The Christmas knitting is done (just needs wrapping).  All well and good.

The carol concert was mediocre and disappointing.  Other people's Christmas shopping issues were a pain in the posterior.  I've got a stupid cough and am suffering somewhat from the blues.

I also didn't quite achieve all my goals this week.

Despite everything else, I stitched the next block on Carnation, which leaves one block for this week and one block to stitch before the New Year.  I am determined to greet the New Year with a page finish on this one.  So this week's goal is to stitch one block.

I finished Breeze and washed it, so this is a photo of it blocking on my bedroom floor.  I will be wrapping it up tonight and hope to be able to show you a picture of it being worn at some point.  So that's two goals down for last week.

And this is where things went astray.  I have stitched round three sides of the H piece and need to trim it down, turn it inside out, stuff it, and stitch up the top, adding a ribbon hanger as I go.  I started to stitch the A piece, only to find that it is one row too short in depth and one row too wide.  So I need to frog two sides, redo them, stitch the three sides and then do all the things that also need doing to the H piece.  Before Christmas!  So the main goal this week is to finish these ornaments.

Moving on, when the Christmas knitting got cast off, I cast on some new pieces.  This is the first of two cabled handwarmers to be knit in King Cole Baby Alpaca DK.  The colour is called Heather and the yarn is very soft.  I am going to enjoy knitting these.

At Knit Group on Saturday, I cast on for my second pair of socks.  This time I am using five double pointed needles instead of four as it should make a difference as to the amount of laddering you get.  So goal number 3 for this week is just to knit.

So there we go - some good bits and some not so good bits.  I am going to finish here so I can get Breeze wrapped before I turn in (haven't been sleeping well either).

I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas (or whatever you celebrate at this time of year)!  Have a good one!

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  1. Those last few days befor christmas are always a bit like that; don't let it get you down! Hooray for your stitching and breeze looks just wonderful :) I can't wait to watch your new knitting grow!