Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bank Holiday Happy Dancing

Despite the weather, which has been its usual Bank Holiday weekend self (sunshine and then throwing it down), I'm a happy bunny!!!  

This is my first happy dance.  My secret sampler scarf (known as "Learning Curve") is finished.  It needs to be blocked and my intention is to add a fringe at either end, but the actual knitting is done.  Apologies for the poor photo, and as you can see, it is definitely not perfect but I am hoping that blocking it will make it a more even width along its length.  The last section, the six by six cables, was a lot easier than I had previously thought; I enjoyed doing them and already have plans for more cabled items.  When my scarf is finish finished, I'll put up another picture, but I'm dancing at the thought of being able to wear my own hand-knitted scarf this winter.

My second happy dance is that I have now declared target at Slimming World.  Having spent the last six months or so slightly over or slightly under the 11 stone 7lb mark, and my thyroid medication having returned me to "normal", I have finally grasped the nettle and come to a decision.  There is no way on this earth that I am going to be able at this point in my life to lose that last 7lb and then maintain the loss.  So my target and current weight is 11 stone 7lb - now I just have to keep within 3lb either side  of that.  However, I feel comfortable in myself and it seems that my mind and my body have got themselves in sync for the first time in ages, so that's great.  Mind you, if it gets much chillier of a morning, my work skirts are going back in the wardrobe and my trousers coming back out!

On the WIP front, I managed three blocks on Carnation this week, so finished row 14 and started row 15 on this page.  That leaves 39 blocks left to do - which works out at just over 2 blocks per week.  I think that this is do-able, don't you?

On the knitting WIP front, you may remember that I ripped Breeze out the other week after my knitting guru looked at it.  Well, I let it sit for a bit, but I couldn't let it sit too long as it has to be finished for Christmas.  So today I had a little practice with make ones and yarn overs, and then started all over again.  What you see here is a little further on than the previous start had got to, and I am a lot happier with it.  I'm fairly sure that I was getting my yarn overs wrong last time.  So definite progress but still not a piece to work on when you're tired.

Tomorrow being Bank Holiday Monday, my plan is to go round to Mum's and finish finish Corgi so that it is ready to be handed over at the next Patchwork Group meeting.  I also hope to get in some time on Carnation and on Breeze.

So all the best to you and yours, and may the frog steer well clear of your stitching or knitting.

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  1. I love seeing Carnation grow again - and I'm sure that you'll finish your page this year ^_^ Knitting is also lovely, hooray for finishing the scarf, I never thought I'd see someone call canles 'easy', maybe I will dare give them a try eventually.
    Breeze is also looking good, I love the yarn you're using!