Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back to basics

Well, now that the stitching on Corgi is finished, I can now get back to trying to make progress on at least one of my other goals.  I was looking at my list for the year and assessing my chances of getting anywhere close to completing it.

I think that I can reasonably say that I completed goal no. 1 (Wedding).  All the stitching was completed and it was washed, pressed and all ready to frame when the wedding got called off.

Goal no. 2 (April) was completed on Thursday night when I handed it over to V at Patchwork Group.  Leonore asked to see the calendar as a whole, so here you are.  I had to take two shots to get them all in.  They run January to June across the top and July to December along the bottom.  July and December weren't quite finished, but you should be able to get the idea. 

Goal no. 3 (Corgi) is there or thereabouts.  Mum and I were looking at fabric to bind it with today.  Once we find the right one, I'll finish it off in the same sort of way as April.  It has to be ready for the second Thursday in September.

Goal no. 4 (Guardian Angels) - that is not going to get done by Christmas.  I'm thinking about next November now - for Mum's 70th.

 Goal no. 5 was to complete at least one page on Carnation.  I stopped working on this in the middle of May in order to concentrate on Corgi.  Now that Corgi is done, Carnation can come out from under its cover.  Despite having a 3 day First Aid at Work course this week, I've managed to complete another two blocks on this piece.  That leaves 42 blocks to finish the current page.  If I just concentrate on Carnation, I might get that done.

Goal no. 6 was to complete the current page of Train.  There are 44 blocks outstanding on that piece.  I can't manage to do this and Carnation, and Carnation is the older WIP.  Train will just have to get what little time I can spare from Carnation and my knitting WIPs.

Goal no. 7 was Christmas ornaments for my nieces.  It's still only August - these can wait.

On the knitting front, I took my scarf to Patchwork Group on Thursday so that I could get someone to measure it against me properly.  It's a bit difficult to measure against your own wingspan as you can't tell if you are stretching the piece or not when it's behind your back.  Anyway, the general conclusion was that it needed one more set of 40 rows and there was a comment that it had no cables.  So what you see here is the first 12 rows of six by six cables. 

I also took Breeze to Patchwork Group so that I could run it past my knitting guru.  As a result, I ripped it all out - again!  I will get the damn thing right - I will!

In other news, I lost another 0.5lb this week, taking me back down to 11 stone 7lb.  I have been thinking about my weight loss.  The original plan was to get down to 11 stone exactly.  At the current time I have lost just over a stone and I have been hovering around 11 stone 7lb (give or take a lb or so) for about 6 months now.  According to the hospital, I am now back in the "normal" range for my thyroid so there will be no more weight loss assistance from that.  I am thinking that it is time to bite the bullet, accept that even if I could get down to 11 stone I wouldn't be able to maintain it, and declare myself at target.  It would save me £5 a week and take some of the pressure off.

Anyway, all the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay away from your stitching.

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  1. Wow, all of those calendar-pages are really pretty, that's one happy giftee!

    Don't underestimate yourself, if you keep stitching like you did with Corgi, I'm sure you can finish a page on both of your projects (:

    And wow, knitting cables already? I don't think I'd dare trying myself on those, they look so complicated to do I'm a little scared of them :D