Sunday, 8 June 2014

What I did on my holidays . . . .

So yesterday I got back from a week in Cornwall with my parents.  I had never been to Cornwall before, despite my brother in law being Cornish, so it was all new to me.

I am not a great photographer so please bear with me.  This is the cottage that we stayed in at Camelford.  It is a converted cowshed with two double bedrooms, a kitchen cum sitting room and a bathroom.  Out the back there was a small enclosed grass area as you can take pets there.  It was very comfortable and just right for the three of us, although the last time my parents stayed there, it took four adults and two children easily.

I did a lot of driving in a car much bigger than my own down very narrow twisty lanes where the vegetation at the sides was disguising thick stone walls.  By the end of the week I had become quite proficient on Cornish roads, so am feeling quite proud of myself.

This is a photo of the biomes at the Eden Project.  The ones in the centre of the picture house the Rainforest and the one to the right is part of the Mediterranean section.  When you consider that this place started out as a derelict quarry, it is truly amazing to see what they have created.

This is the harbour at Boscastle with the village in the background.  It is 10 years this August since the great flood which caused so much destruction here.  Dad and I walked out to the far end of the harbour (behind where I am standing) to look at the sea.

We also went to Tintagel on the same day, but it was very touristy and Mum's leg was playing up so I didn't see the castle.

This is a view of part of the Jungle at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  I think that I preferred Heligan to Eden, but that could partly be because there seemed to be less people there.  Dad and I did the Jungle which is down in a valley with a boardwalk and a rope bridge and massive tree ferns etc.

It was nice to go away and see the sights and spend time with my parents, but it was equally nice to come home, sleep in my own bed and be back in my own space.

While I was away, I worked on Corgi and on my scarf.

And ta da!  This is a page finish!  Page 2 of Corgi was finished on 5 June 2014.  I now have two smaller pages to complete before the end of August - about 9,000 stitches so roughly 90 hours work.

After doing 40 rows of double ribbing, I decided that I needed to do the next 40 rows in something which would widen my scarf out again.  So the next stitch was 'caterpillars crawling', otherwise known as 'dash stitch'.  As you can see, my scarf has started to widen out again but it will still need serious blocking.  I also had to join in the second ball of yarn towards the end of this section.

In other news, I did the Race for Life this morning - 5km in aid of Cancer Research UK.  Normally Mum and I do this together, but she wisely gave it a miss this year.  I walked every step of the way without stopping and my finishing time was 46 minutes, 4 seconds.  Now I just have to collect in my sponsor money.

And finally Mum goes in for her hip replacement this coming Friday, 13 June 2014.  We are all quite OK about it, but if any of you would care to keep your fingers crossed or put in a word with the powers that be, that would be very kind of you.  I will give you an update in my next post.

I'll finish here as I am back to work in the morning and expect to have plenty to catch up with.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog stay well away from your stitching.

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  1. Yay for the page finish - Corgy is coming along so very nicely, I'm sure you can reach your goal soon :)