Sunday, 29 June 2014

Progress - light at the end of the tunnel!

Well it's been a good week this week with plenty of progress to report and new things learned.

 On the stitching front, I finished another two rows on Corgi and the first blocks on the last two rows.  With luck and a following wind, I will be happy dancing a page finish in my next post - fingers crossed.  And then just the last page and the month to go ....  This chart is such a pleasure to stitch and the results are so good that I will be taking another look at Yiota's website and seeing what else she has to offer.

Moving on to knitting, this week I knitted 40 rows of simple diamonds onto my scarf.  I'm thinking that there will be one more set of 40 rows (pattern to be confirmed) before I turn whatever is left of the yarn into tassels or find some other way to finish this scarf off.  It's not going to be a very long scarf but it will be all my own work!!!  However it is going on hold this coming week as I have a more urgent knitting project to deal with.

New start!  This is an as yet unfinished baby bootie.  By close of play on Thursday there will hopefully be two of these plus baby mittens.  I have taken advice on this bootie as it seems rather large to me despite having followed the pattern to the letter.  I am to carry on as before, but next time I knit a pair of booties I am to use a smaller needle.  This is knitted in King Cole Bamboo Cotton in lemon, which feels lovely.  New experiences in knitting - k2tog (decrease) and casting off.  The next new experience will be sewing this together with garter mattress stitch.

In other news, I lost another 0.5lb this week so am back down to 11 stone 7lb - slow and steady does it.  Mum is doing fine apart from some problems sleeping.  And I must confess to another yarn accident in Hobbycraft Clearance on Monday night - this was caused by the discovery that I can't give blood until 24 months after I've finished my thyroid treatment, so I could be looking at 2017.  This upset me very much as it means a lot to me to give blood - it's a way of contributing, paying forward for the good things in my life.  It took another 17 balls of yarn to take the edge off my distress.  Now I have over 60 balls of assorted yarn and need ideas for what to do with it.  Suggestions on a postcard?

Work tomorrow so I'll love you and leave you.  All the best to you and yours, and may the frog steer well clear of your stitching/knitting.


  1. your Corgi is looking great

  2. New try, as ma last comment has been eaten:

    I've been eyeing Yiotas kits and patterns for a while now, and your Corgi is living proof that the are as beautiful stitchted up as the pictures suggest, it's coming along really great!