Monday, 16 September 2013

It's getting a bit chilly now

Earlier this year I was complaining that it was too damn hot, and now here I am a couple of weeks into September sitting at my computer with my dressing gown on over my clothes.  I have the feeling that it might well be a long cold winter this year.  There are lots of berries on the trees still and the weather has turned temperamental.  Maybe it's just me, I could be wrong, I hope so.

So what can I say on the stitching front?

I have some nice progress to report on Bouquet 5, courtesy of a couple of lunch time stints and a Patchwork Group meeting last week.  All that is left to do are the flowers, a couple of leaves and the back stitching.  If I can just get a grip, I should be able to show a finish in the next week or so.

I should really be showing you a progress picture on Serena, but I had a bout of the blues at the weekend so did very little stitching at all over those two days.  I did put in a couple of hours on Train of Dreams on Sunday morning and completed another block.

Work on Carnation went very well this week.  I finished row 8 and completed the first two blocks on row 9.  A page finish and scroll up is just around the corner.

On the weight loss front, I put 3.5lb back on this week.  However I'm OK with this.  When you lose weight quickly through illness, it's bound to come back and I'm still 0.5lb lighter than I was before I was ill.

I'm going to cut this post short cos I'm cold and tired, so I wish you all the best and may the frog stay away from your stitching. 

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  1. It is cold here, now, and the mutters are that it will be cold early next year. I hope they are wrong, but there are lots of berries here as well. Congratulations on the weight loss, even in tough circumstances. WS xxx